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Paragon Luxury Hand-Held Shower Filter Head

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4 Star Rating

Shower Filter Review by Olive Murphy

I bought the filtered shower head about 6 weeks ago primarily to try and get some shine back into my hair. Having grown up in a soft water area and now living in a very hard water area the impact on my hair was very noticeable. I have tried many different shampoos but it was still looking dead and dull, which was annoying as I knew how nice and healthy it could be. I guess I was expecting a miracle with the shower head and was disappointed to begin with, but now 6 weeks later there is a noticable different. The shampoos do lather more quickly and my skin feels softer after using the shower head. I will continue to use and would recommend it to others, just don't expect miracles. With regards to the service provided by Pure Showers, no complaints, shower head arrived in good tim and in perfect condition.