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Compact Shower Filter

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5 Star Rating

Straightforward to fit, gets rid of the smell of chlorine in the shower. by Tim Gausden

Instruction leaflet has very small print but installation is straightforward. We have a Mira power shower where the shower head connecting thread is within the shower body casing. The compact shower filter's input cowl just fitted between the threads and the case and was able to be installed. The shower hose easily fitted onto the outlet connection. Using the filter, the shower water was noticeably chemical-free. My wife suffers from chemical sensitivities (which is why she wanted to try this filter) and she has found the shower water has much less detrimental effects on her now. We live in a hard water area and I have noticed I need less shower gel and soap to get a lather. Even I have noticed less chemical smell to the shower. Before this filter I would not have known the chemical smell of chlorine affecting the shower water. With the filter in place and the water cleaned, the difference is noticable.