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Paragon Luxury Hand-Held Shower Filter Head

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5 Star Rating

Shower Filter Review by S.J. Smith

I have been fighting the effects of topical eczema, particularly on my legs and feet, for nearly five years. I changed my whole life the day I fitted this Shower Head filter and even on the days when I bath (it's sometimes hard to get my partner out of the shower when we are both going out!) I still make a point of rinsing my legs and feet for a minute or two in the shower, to remove the bath water!
My nails are improving, my hair is easier to style as it is less dry and 'fly-away'; and I need to use far less shampoo, conditioner or shower gel than before.

So far.........our dog hasn't rolled in anything nasty recently; but I shall let you know how his coat looks after his first Paragon shower too!

Oh, and the water tastes better too- I always end up with some in my mouth with our power shower!

The temperature control on the wall was fixed, blocked with sediment and beyond cleaning. A few minutes blast with the shower head on hard burst... the calcium could be scraped away and we can now fine-tune the temperature as we wish for the first time in two years. I reckon that alone is worth ***** in anyone's book.

I have recommended this product to several friends already.