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Paragon Luxury Hand-Held Shower Filter Head

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5 Star Rating

A big game changer! by Salma Begum

I moved to an area with extremely hard water. I noticed how dry and limp my hair became and my skin was super dry. The only time my hair would feel really clean was after having it done in the salon. For about about a year I wasted so much money in various products for my face and shampoos. Nothing worked. I did not believe the water that was leaving a scum around my dishes and sink could actually impact my hair and skin the same way. After looking for ages I came across pureshowers. Never heard of the brand and it’s not common knowledge around anyone I know, however it had instantly changed the condition of my hair and skin. My hair has become bouncy and soft again, and my skin has more or less sorted itself out. I can even feel the difference in how my shower gel foams up. Highly recommend and the difference it has made to us is invaluable.