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8 Stage Luxury Shower Filter

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5 Star Rating

Shower Filter Review by jenny h.

I have suffered with eczema for nearly 40 years and have tried most things on the market which has been both disappointing and expensive trying all the lotions and potions available. I discovered that every time I went abroad my skin felt better before even going anywhere near the sun or the sea. After discovering this website and reading about the hard water in the UK it all made complete sense. I purchased one of the luxury shower filters and my skin feels as soft as if I was on holiday in just a couple of weeks. My hair is shining and the best bit is my eczema has really started to get much better already without putting any creams on it. I used to dread going into the shower because my skin would feel all tight and my eczema sore. Now I thoroughly enjoy the shower because my skin feels soft and my eczema doesn't hurt any more.

I think every Doctor should be told about Pure Showers instead of handing out lots of steroid creams!

Oh and another benefit is the shower screen stays clean.